Coming to Memphis, TN in 2023

The day – long. The work – hard. Your mental state – on overload. The remedy – a nice, hot, soothing, bath.

The condition of your tub? Cruddy or non-existent.  You’d have to work to get that tub clean enough to soak in or hope that a friend would be nice enough to let you borrow theirs. But who’s cleaning THEIR tub? UGH!

Very soon you’ll be able to visit Amani: A Cleansing Place, LLC and get the relief your body deserves. We specialize in therapeutic baths and sensory deprivation float tanks. We also have a team of highly skilled massage and skin care specialists who will help you experience the most comfort you can feel inside your own skin.

What is Amani?

In Swahili (the national language of several East African countries), the word “amani” means “peace.” That’s what we have created – a place of peace. Using the words “A Cleansing Place” in our name speaks to not only our cleanliness, but also our goal of helping you to cleanse your mind, body and soul. Together, Amani: A Cleansing Place, lets you know that you have entered a clean place of peace.

We’re not open yet, but in 2022, our premises will be ready to receive you. Here’s what you can expect:

Jacuzzi-style bathtubs

The whirlpool powered hydro jets and air powered bubble massage injectors transform your deep soak into a therapeutically relaxing and rejuvenating bathing experience. Hot springs are naturally occurring mineral-rich water that flows right out of the ground. These springs have soothed aches and pains for millennia. Medicine Springs (the company that distills our minerals from thermal hot springs) created three different mineral blends that we use at Amani. They started with springs known to help arthritis and used them to make a blend called “Joint”. Based on the Blue Lagoon of Iceland which is famous for helping eczema, psoriasis and acne, is the compound called it “Skin”. The final blend is for soreness, fatigue, and muscle recovery based on springs that warriors traveled to after battle to heal the ailments of war, which they called “Sport”.


The bath that's right for you

We don’t have any naturally occurring hot springs in the Memphis area.  Your bath will be heated to the perfect temperature and then we add therapeutic minerals of your choice (Joint, Skin or Sport) – or you can choose no minerals at all. Our goal is to provide you with the bath that’s right for you.

Sensory Deprivation Float Tanks

(also called isolation or flotation tanks), are used for restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST). It is a dark, soundproof tank that is filled with a foot or so of salt water. Following are some benefits of floating:

  • initiation of the body’s relaxation response
  • heightened senses
  • pain management
  • increased immune function
  • enhanced healing/rejuvenation/recovery
  • musculoskeletal awareness
  • magnesium absorption
  • anti-gravity benefits
  • increased magnesium absorption
  • meditation/introspection
  • endorphin release
  • insomnia/poor sleep relief

You can float with the top open or closed. It’s all about YOU.