About the Owner

I spent the bulk of my adult life as computer tech, doing everything from tech support to software training, database configuration, network setup and maintenance. How on earth, you might wonder, did I land in the wellness industry?

Here’s what happened:

In 2013, I was working in a high-stress environment. One day at a staff meeting, one of my co-workers sat holding his head, obviously in pain. He said he had a migraine that not only had him in excruciating pain, but also was making him nauseous. Knowing only that I wanted to help ease his discomfort, I stood behind him and began massaging his neck and shoulders. Within minutes, he said to me, “What did you just do?!” Afraid that I had hurt him in some way, I quickly stepped away. He said, “No, don’t stop! Whatever you did, my migraine is gone!”

Both of us were happy! I had been feeling like I wanted to make a bigger contribution to the world. Although I didn’t know it then, that simple neck and shoulder massage was about to start me on a new path.

A few months later, the company where we worked changed its policy. They were now requiring that each employee have an annual flu shot. I was dead-set against it. No one could tell me what to do with my body. “If you haven’t taken a flue shot by end-of-business on Friday, don’t bother coming in on Monday,” they said to me. Headstrong, I didn’t go to work on Monday. After seven faithful years of punctuality, hard work and faithful service, no one even called to see if I was okay.

Now what? I asked myself. I didn’t plan for this – I thought they would relent and let me stay on. So, I got quiet and asked the powers that be what I was to do next. The incident with my co-worker’s migraine came to mind. Massage therapy might just be the way.

The company was forced to pay me unemployment, back pay and unused PTO. That money paid my way through massage school. Within a year, I had my massage therapy license and set about the business of healing bodies.

My first few months as a massage therapist were spent at a hair salon/spa in Memphis, TN. My stay there clarified for me how I really wanted a business to run. In January 2015, Memphis Massage Masters, PC was born. I’ve been in business for myself ever since.

Running a small business has been a journey. In 2019, I started working with a business coach at Strategies Coaching.  There I learned about the team based pay business model (TBP). TBP helps to ensure that our team is working together with shared goals that all lead to extraordinary customer satisfaction.  I’ve learned about cashflow planning, payroll, taxes, scheduling, goal-setting, all aspects of a legitimate business. And I’m successful. Amani is the next logical step and I’m taking it.

Thank you for joining me on this wonderful ride!