Looking to Invest in Amani?

If you’re looking to invest in a growing business, Amani just might be for you. Included below, we’ve detailed a little about the wellness industry, in addition to our Executive Statement. Please reach out to us directly for exact numbers. (acleansingplace@gmail.com)

Health and wellness are generally described as a process that an individual follows to achieve top mental health and physical wellbeing. The overall wellness market was valued at $4.2 trillion during 2017. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the spa industry continues to grow.

Here are some valuable statistics regarding the wellness industry: https://policyadvice.net/health-insurance/insights/health-and-wellness-statistics/.

Amani: A Cleansing Place, LLC is a one-of-a-kind spa experience for its clients. We are certified LOSB (Locally Owned Small Business) and MBE (Minority Business Entity) with the City of Memphis and with Shelby County.

While Memphis, TN has many spas, Amani is the only one offering therapeutic mineral baths and sensory deprivation float tanks as part of the experience. Our aim is to become a destination spa for locals, as well as tourists. Currently, the Downtown and Edge Districts are enjoying exponential housing growth. A large portion of that housing is being constructed without bathtubs – shower-only units. The individuals living in this new construction are professionals, including physicians, nurses and other hospital personnel. Hard workers all, they will not only be in need of, but will also appreciate and take advantage of, the health-giving spa services that Amani offers.

Our target market includes women whose annual income is more than $50,000 per year. She is a college graduate, who generally has at least one child under 18 living in her household. While she ranges in age from 25-65 years old, she tends to be older than 45 years of age. A smaller percentage of our target market is male and their habits tend to be similar to their female counterparts. Both groups are physically active, health conscious and aware of the benefits of wholistic healthcare. (AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) Massage Profession Research Report 2017)

Statistics show that the spa industry in general is experiencing remarkable growth. (AMTA Massage Profession Research Report 2017). The spa industry is as old as time. In the not-so-distant past, our ancestors all used baths as not only a way to get clean, but also as a means of relaxation and of soothing sore muscles. As more and more individuals are reminded of and become aware of the benefits of spa services (especially bath spas), we believe Amani will thrive.

What we sell: comfort and care. That's what we want the client to feel when they leave our premises: comfortable and cared for.

We believe Amani’s competitive edge is in its ability to retain first time clients, in addition to repeat clients. Also, because our service list is small, we can focus our energies on providing the best service every time. Our team-based pay system ensures that we have knowledgeable, engaged staff that knows and appreciates how to run a business, a team that truly cares about each client.

Our niche: Therapeutic baths and sensory deprivation float tanks. We will capture the segment of the market that includes busy professionals who either don’t have a bathtub available in their living space or who don’t want the hassle of cleaning their tub before and after a bath. Because we’ll be the only bath spa in the area, we believe we can get both locals and tourists through our doors. We also have sensory deprivation float tanks. The body-temperature water in the float tanks is balanced with salt to give the body buoyancy, releasing the pull of gravity during the float. The benefits are endless.

In addition, we will have a steady flow of clients who take advantage of our professionally trained, seasoned massage therapists. All our services and products help to solidify our position. Finally, we know that our use of the Happiness system will help tremendously in keeping our business flowing.

Amani: A Cleansing Place is a limited liability company co-owned by Emma Crystal. Emma is a licensed massage therapist, specializing in Ashiatsu massage. Her years of experience successfully running a massage business (Memphis Massage Masters, PC) has prepared her to take the next step of owning and running a therapeutic bath spa. She not only works in the industry, but also studies its trends, keeping herself abreast of the constantly changing environment. In addition, Emma worked for many years as a computer tech in the medical industry. The skills garnered during those years have helped tremendously in running her current business.

We are enjoying the ride as Amani experiences exponential growth, supplying our community and beyond with a place of peace.